Thursday, 31 March 2016 13:53

Plugin Installer Featured

The LabTech Plugin Installer is an installation utility to simplify installation and update process of LabTech Plugins provided by Michael Priest, the installer will ensure that the required dependencies exist as well as ensuring compatability between the Plugin and LabTech Server.

Using the Plugin Installer

  1. Launch the Plugin Installer using either
  2. Authenticate against your LabTech Server
    • User Account must be a Super Admin
    • User Account must have HTTP Tunnel access enabled
    Plugin Installer - Login Screen
  3. Select the Plugin(s) you wish to Install or Update
  4. Click on the Install Selected Plugin(s) button, you will see a prompt about the Database Agent being restarted during this process to proceed you need to click Yes.
    LabTech Plugin Installer - Install Confirmation
  5. Once the Installation has been completed you will see a confirmation that the LabTech Database Agent has been issued a restart command
    LabTech Plugin Insatller - Restart Affirmation