Monday, 12 October 2015 16:05

Discover Keys

Discover Keys provides a reliable Product Key collection method which can replace the in-built solution provided by LabTech as well as extending functionality with the ability to use Recover Keys


  • Simple Installation
  • Script Less Collection - All product key collection is handled as an Inventory Process by the LabTech agent which is based upon the "Software Inventory"
  • Supports Produ-Key
  • Supports Recover Keys 8.0
  • Supports Recover Keys 9.0
  • Computer Screen Product Keys Tab - Adds a tab to the Computer Screen to let you easily access your product key information


  • LabTech 10 or Greater

Installation Instructions

  1. Install plugin using the Plugin Installer
  2. Reload the LabTech Control Center
  3. Navigate to the LabTech System Dashboard > Config > Integration > Discover Keys
  4. Select your desired configuration
  5. Save and Done! 


Coming soon. 


  • Recover keys 8.0 and 9.0 are the only supported versions of Recover Keys (Version 7 is NOT Supported)
  • Failing to enter your Recover Keys Serial Number will result in Recover Keys running in Demonstration Mode
  • There is an Option in the Dashboard which will allow you to disable the in-built product key script
  • Recover Key files will automatically be downloaded to your LTShare ready for Distribution
  • Produ-Key files will be grabbed from your LTShare which are obtained through the LabTech Solution Centre
  • Thge Product Keys tab on the Computer screen is linked directly to the users right to View or Modify Product Keys (Client Permission)
    • the tab will not appear if the users does not have rights to view Product Keys
    • the delete product key button will be disabled for all users that do not have permissions to delete product keys