Ninite Solution

Ninite Solution, takes the raw power of LabTech and the simplicity of Ninite and combines them into a powerful maintenance tool.

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Pushover for LabTech is a plugin that extends LabTech allowing you to send alerts directly to mobile devices or browsers using Pushover.Net

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Speed Tester

Speed Tester Plugin will perform a SpeedTest using and give you a graphical representation of the results.

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Discover Keys

Discover Keys replaces the product key collection method which can replace the in-built solution whilst extending functionality.

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Thursday, 30 January 2014 12:41

LabTech Patch Availability

Earlier this month LabTech quietly released a patch for LabTech 2013 (60.262) which fixes a number of known issues. As part of this update the version of LabVNC and TightVNC were updated and have resulted an increase in Performence, Stability and Reliability with VNC.

Release Notes:

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