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Ninite Solution, takes the raw power of LabTech and the simplicity of Ninite and combines them into a powerful maintenance tool.

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Pushover for LabTech is a plugin that extends LabTech allowing you to send alerts directly to mobile devices or browsers using Pushover.Net

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Speed Tester

Speed Tester Plugin will perform a SpeedTest using and give you a graphical representation of the results.

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Discover Keys

Discover Keys replaces the product key collection method which can replace the in-built solution whilst extending functionality.

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Ninite Solution - User Interface Update Featured

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 13:22 Written by 

I was looking at the UI and felt that it had reached the end of it's current usability with screens running out of space to add additional functionality or options, as a result of this i have started the process of giving Ninite Solution a well deserved face-lift.

As a starting point I've re-designed the Global Settings screen which is accessible through the LabTech Dashboard and come up with a fresh and clean design which is now available for testing, review the latest Nightly Build - Release Notes.

You may be aware that as components of the solution are completed they are made them available via the Nightly Build, enabling you the user to get early access to these features testing and ensuring they are correct for release giving you the chance to provide feedback and become involved in the direction of the product, If you wish to participate in this initiative please subscribe to the Nightly Build email list HERE and you will receive an email whenever a new build is made available.

Old User Interface

Old User Interface

New User Interface

New User Interface - Approvals

New User Interface - Global Options


Michael Priest

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